Duty Exchange


Lu Lin is a senior bomb expert, but he was depressed by an accident many years ago. He left the police force to become an ordinary father, bent on protecting his daughter from growing up safely. Daughter Lu Jiajia has just turned eighteen years old. She is dedicated to escape from her father’s choking control. After a quarrel, the father and daughter were affected by an explosion, but when they woke up they found that they had exchanged their bodies… The father could not accept this incredible fact, but the daughter found that she could show her fists and excitement. The chaos caused the two men to fall into the dangers of the gang case. The father’s plan to protect his daughter was shattered and he had to go back to his old business… A rookie uncle and a runaway loli jointly dispelled the dangerous bombs and battled the gangsters Brave.

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1h 35m 2020 402 views

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